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UNLEASH THE FULL POWER of your Hellberg Local 2 Hearing Protection with Hellberg Safety Hub—an advanced app for centralized control over your headset. Tailor settings, create workgroups, and effortlessly stay updated. Empower your safety protocols with Hellberg's innovative technology.

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We bring you the next level of safety management through the innovative Hellberg SafetyHub mobile app. This cutting-edge application offers you a comprehensive solution for overseeing and controlling your Hellberg Local 2 headsets and connected Hellberg protective equipment directly from your mobile device.

The Hellberg SafetyHub app is your key to unlocking the full potential of your Local 2 headset. Seamlessly create a company profile, establish workgroups with pre-set channels, add team members, and fine-tune safety settings on individual headsets—all with the ease of your mobile device.


Unleash the Full Power of Your Local 2 Headset

Effortless Team Communication Setup

Designed to cater to supervisors and team leaders, the app serves as an efficient administration tool. Create company profiles, configure workgroups or teams with unique channels, and set rules for specific users. Assign headsets to specific group affiliations, refine settings, and control functions, such as disabling music streaming or ensuring the active listening function remains engaged. It's safety, simplified.


Comprehensive Access to Resources

The Hellberg SafetyHub app goes beyond control—it's a resource hub. Access quick-start guides, user manuals, and other vital product information directly within the app. Stay informed and equipped, effortlessly accessible from your mobile device.

Seamless Headset Updates

Stay ahead of the curve and keep your safety equipment up-to-date effortlessly. The Hellberg SafetyHub app enables you to seamlessly update your Local 2 headset to the latest software—all from the convenience of your mobile phone.


Admin or User mode – which should I choose?

For supervisors, it transcends control—it's about tailored safety. Establish unique settings for specific users, assign headsets to particular channels and group affiliations, and regulate settings and functions—whether it's music streaming or active listening. Your safety, your regulations.

Always make sure to have the latest version of the app downloaded.

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Please note:

The Hellberg SafetyHub mobile application exclusively offers connectivity with "Hellberg Local 2" headsets.

Unleash the full power of you Local 2 headset

With the Hellberg SafetyHub app, you can control the Local 2 directly from the app. Create workgroups with unique channels and settings, allow or limit certain functions, set rules and conditions for workgroups. Available for iPhone and Andriod devices.

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