Introducing Safety Glasses

Find your focus no matter what the workday throws in your face with our all-new range of safety glasses and goggles. Built with lightweight, durable materials and a lens technology developed especially for workers to ensure a clear and safe line of sight all day long.

Hellberg Safety Glasses

All too often stress, disruptions and dangers make it hard to find focus. What does it take to find it? Hearing protection to block out the noise, safety glasses that keep your vision protected, or a simple motto to follow through highs and lows? Whatever allows you to find focus, in work and life, and enjoy Peace of Mind.

Argon safety glasses

Argon Safety Glasses

A secure, resilient and snug pair of safety glasses for complete protection and clear vision on the most challenging days.

  • Soft nose bridge
  • Three step angle adjustment
  • Slim temples fit under hearing protection
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog endurance coating
  • Available in five different lens types

Argon is built with premium materials and lens technology that heighten contrast in all conditions. The extended lens provides a wide field of vision and enhanced protection.

Safety glasses in profile

Go with the Wind

With a lot going on in life and work, finding the focus you need can be hard. What's the trick? On a windy autumn weekend, we met with wind power engineer, surfer, family father and ambitious amateur photographer Daniel, trying to find an answer to that question.

"My work can be really challenging at times, when I’m standing 80 meters above the surface and the wind is making everything swing. But I’m almost never scared, because we never gamble. And with the right safety equipment and a lot of training things never really become dangerous."

We use impact-resistant lenses with anti-scratch endurance coating on both sides for all our glasses. Our Endurance Coating provides complete protection in harsh and humid environments and lasts up to three times longer than standard coatings.

Working with safety glasses

"For me, the trick is the same whatever I do: at work, when playing with the kids or trying to catch a wave. I guess I’m trying to make this great big world just a tiny bit smaller, to do one thing at a time."

Daniel Hägglund

Surfer, Dad and Wind Power Engineer

Daniel Hägglund in the water

Protect your hearing too. All Hellberg Safety glasses have a slim temple design to fit firmly beneath your hearing protectors.

Hellberg hearing protectors with glasses
Safety glasses and hearing protection combined

Unleash the full power of you Local 2 headset

With the Hellberg SafetyHub app, you can control the Local 2 directly from the app. Create workgroups with unique channels and settings, allow or limit certain functions, set rules and conditions for workgroups. Available for iPhone and Andriod devices.

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